In 2014 syllable cooperative began as a student-run co-op created to teach teens real life practical skills in managing a business as a collective all the while learning the technical aspects behind both screen printing and graphic design.  Co-Founded by Sean Abbott-Klafter– a teacher at Bronx compass high school and a few students, what started out as an idea soon became a club in the Bronx Compass High School. From there Syllable then worked its way to becoming  a business with the support of the Green Workers Cooperative (GWC).  Since then after two years growing out from it’s humble beginnings with students both designing and printing shirts for their own school as well as for other schools, now based in the heart of hunts point and all of the south Bronx-THE POINT CDC. We continue to provide both creative design solutions as well as printing shirts, sweater, tote bags, etc.  for a wide range of clients from timberland to Fordham university and others in between. We still maintain our core values in providing in a cost effective but high quality solution for all your custom apparel needs.